Certified forensic loan auditors shut down


Certified forensic loan auditors were a loan auditing and legal service firm. They principally were in the abandonment defense industry. They finished loan audits, contract reviews, securitization loan audits reports, securitization reviews with Bloomberg screen captures, and so on. They were in activity for a long time. They worked with mortgage holders, law offices, and different organizations.

Certifies forensic loan auditors were basically shut down by the CFPB. The CFPB shut down their tasks and now they are not, at this point dynamic. Certified forensic loan auditors doesn’t offer types of assistance for contract reviews, securitization loan audits, Bloomberg queries, and so forth

The CFPB has banished them from working in the business and in this manner no longer would they be able to offer these sorts of administrations. This essentially was a fruitful body of evidence from CFPB against the certified forensic loan auditors, LLC.


The Certified Forensic Loan Auditors Position

In the event that the Certified Forensic Loan Auditors open reaction to the claim was composed by an expert emergency the executives firm. Instead of give a quiet evaluation of the realities of the case it not just attracts some fascinating lines the sand and seems to throw affronts at the CFPB.

Some of the highlights from the Certified Forensic Loan Auditors response to the suit include:

  • Affirmed Forensic loan Auditors will expose the CFPB for improper motive since no consumerswere harmed.
  • We will keep on working as would be expected giving the highest quality and most well respect blooming securitization reports in the business, just as facilitating our nationally recognized mortgage securitization analyst training certification classes as planned.
  • CFLA and its support staff of attorneys reasonably accept the CFPB claims to be totally without merit.
  • This examination has literally nothing to do with protecting the consumers but rather to protect the banks from further exposure.
  • This claim is just a federal bureau bullying campaign on private venture that helps individuals.
  • The CFPB and bank gauge that these Bloomberg securitization audits uncover an excessive amount of truth.
  • CFPB ought be embraced about itself since it turned out to be very clear their expectation once they talked for long time with Andrew Lehman exactly how much that he knows, including legislators, judges and other government authorities who plundered in excess of 20 trillion dollars from the US housing market in 2002-2007 and then mixed the misfortunes in state and federal employee 401K retirement to retain these misfortunes. The CFPB simply needs to quiet down ANDREW P LEHMAN, J.D


Why CFPB shut down the certified forensic loan Audits?

According to CFPB “the consumer’s financial protection bureau filed complaint in federal court central district of California against certified forensic loan auditors, LLC (CFLA), Andrew Lehman, and Michael carrigan. The complaint alleges that CFLA and Lehman have engaged in deceptive and abusive acts and practices and have charged unlawful advance fees in connection with marketing and sale of financial advisory and mortgage assistance relief services to consumers.

So then for what reason does Michael carrigan, named in the CFLA claims by CFPB at that point consent to a specified last judgment with CFPB that says:

“Litigant Carrigan must collaborate completely to enable the Bureau to decide the character and area of, and the measure of injury supported by, each Affected Consumer. Litigant Carrigan must give such data in his or his operator’s ownership or control inside 14 days of accepting a composed solicitation from the Bureau. Litigant Carrigan must collaborate completely with the Bureau in this issue and in any examination identified with or related with the direct portrayed in the Complaint, including the distinguishing proof of CFLA’s current and previous workers and contractual workers and current and previous clients.

Carrigan must give honest and complete data, proof, and declaration. Respondent Carrigan must show up for interviews, revelation, hearings, preliminaries, and whatever other procedures that the Bureau may sensibly demand upon 10 days composed notification, or other sensible notification, at such places and times as the Bureau may assign, without the administration of obligatory procedure.”

Carrigan additionally consented to a $493,403.04 common cash punishment that was suspended because of his failure to pay. He will, in any case, need to take care of a common cash punishment in the measure of $5,000 by wire move to the Bureau.

Peruse Foreclosure Rescue and mortgage modification help just bad actors in new clothes Carrigan likewise has consented to be for all time restricted from giving, publicizing, showcasing, advancing, offering available to be purchased, selling, or creating any mortgage Assistance relief Service or Financial Product or Service, And additionally prohibited from helping others in, or getting any compensation or other thought from, the arrangement, publicizing, advertising, advancing, offering available to be purchased, deal or creation of any Mortgage Assistance Relief Service or Financial Product or Service.

Just from seeing what Michael Carrigan has consented to and give it shows up the CFPB has “flipped” Carrigan to get inside data. It will be intriguing to perceive what analysts state now.

Whenever entered by the court, the proposed request will for all time restrict Carrigan from giving home loan help alleviation administrations or buyer monetary items and benefits and force a $493,000 common cash punishment. Nonetheless, the CFPB noticed Carrigan’s constrained capacity to pay and added he would be required to take care of $5,000 of the common cash punishment and the rest of the sum will be suspended.


Legal case against Certified Forensic Loan Auditors, the company aggressively fought the suit and prevailed:



So here is where we are today?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau feels they are right and Certified Forensic Loan Auditors charged fees for services in violation of Regulation 0.Guaranteed Forensic Loan Auditors feels they ought to win on the grounds that there are restricted or close to no buyer grumblings. Truth is told, Certified Forensic Loan Auditors says “we foresee a long court fight that could surpass 12-18 months and a half.”

In summary certified forensic loan auditors, LLC is no longer an active company; the CFPB has shut down their operation. They are no longer allowed to operate in the industry.





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    It’s nothing but Wall Street Bank harassment that CFLA was helping homeowners win cases against corrupt mortgage servicers, lenders and these fraudulent securities trust. Shame on the Democrats for allowing conservatives big business to run rough shot over the little guy “consumer and homeowner.” SHAME

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