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If you have a problem with your mortgage and need help to slow and stop foreclosure, the Mortgage Audit Online is here to help you.

Foreclosure is always initiated by the loan companies and banks when a homeowner defaults on a mortgage payment. Homeowners and borrowers may feel overwhelmed when they go through the foreclosure process. But every homeowner should know that they have a right when it comes to foreclosure and loan modifications.

Some homeowners think that they can stop the foreclosure process by doing nothing. Do not delay. You should start by talking to the lender and calling a mortgage attorney. Do not get involved in a “mortgage rescue’ individual or company.

The benefits of a foreclosure defense attorney

  • You get to keep your home during the mitigation process
  • You can collect rent from the property
  • You can get a meaningful offer on the loan modification
  • You could gain facts that will force the lender to settle

Looking for Mortgage analysis services

At Mortgage Audit Online, we know that you want to stop the foreclosure process, and we do that by using different measures. There are other measures to stop foreclosures such as short sale, loan modification and bankruptcy. In our case, we do not recommend our clients to take on bankruptcy unless it is the only option necessary. Bankruptcy may seem like a good option but it damages your credit level so we consider it as a last resort.

Why you need to stay in your house

When homeowners fall behind on their mortgage, they move out before or during the foreclosure process. This is not a good solution. This is a solution to delaying a negative result, which will come one way or another. At Mortgage Audit Online, we do not run away from a fight. Our attorneys know the laws and are equipped with the best possible defenses that will help you get your home back.

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