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A quiet title action is a lawsuit that is filed to seek ownership of real property. Reals professionals need a clear understanding of this process to help them establish true ownership of properties. Most importantly, these legal processes ask the court to determine if the bank has a practical action to foreclose, and if the borrower can have the mortgage detached as a lien from the title of the home.

In the mortgage foreclosure process, the homeowners can commence a quiet title action by challenging the statute of limitations. This is done by using the statute of limitations as the legal base in which one party has to start a lawsuit.

Generally, the petition to the quiet title should be verified and should contain:

  • A description of the home that is the subject of the action
  • The method of vesting of title in the complainant
  • The adverse claims to accuser’s title
  • The date in which the determination is sought.

Homeowners can use quiet title action if the lender has not won the foreclosure. A quite foreclosure takes between 8 to 10 weeks. However, the process may be longer depending on the issues surrounding it, such as court orders.

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How to resolve a quiet title action?

The main aim of a quiet title is to establish clear ownership of the property. It may resolve other current issues between properties and parties, and the court has the discretion to hear the other motions of any party are require a resolution.

A quiet title action does call for active disputes. Instead, it is just a way to guarantee that ownership is free and clear to potential homeowners. The key benefit of quiet title action is that once a determination has been made in favor of the plaintiff, no challenge to their ownership can be made in the future.

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