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A house is probably the greatest asset you can ever purchase. No one has an intention to default or fall behind their mortgage payment. The main point is that most of the people going through foreclosures tend to get overwhelmed because they do not know the foreclosure proceeding. With the number expected to rise in the coming years, homeowners are urged to use any information and resources to help prevent the possibility of foreclosure. Mortgage audits is that place for you.

Foreclosure Defense Action Plan

When you face foreclosure, you will need to decide whether you want to fight it and get an attorney. Once the foreclosure has been made, you typically have about 21 days to act before the house is sold. The lenders have attorneys to protect them so should you. To stop an impending foreclosure, filing a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) is one of the best ways. We can file for the TRO while we negotiate a resolution that will let you keep your property.

There are other measures to stop foreclosures such as short sale, loan modification and bankruptcy. In our case, we do not recommend our clients to take on bankruptcy unless it is the only option necessary. Bankruptcy may seem like a good option but it damages your credit level so we consider it as a last resort.

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We understand that you want to pause or stop the foreclosure process. At Mortgage Audit, we provide an expert foreclosure defense attorney to all homeowners.

Our foreclosure defense attorneys can delay your lawsuit to give you time to catch up with your late loan payments if you want to reinstate your mortgage or till you complete the short sale.

At Mortgage Audit Online, we urge our clients to remain in their homes to help in the mitigation process. Remaining in the property protects it from being vandalized deteriorating and keep squatters from taking up the property. Contact us so that we can help you with the mortgage foreclosure process.

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