Let Mortgage Audits Online take the guess work out of your cases.  A preliminary check of your clients mortgage documents for possible securitization fraud, chain of title flaws and lender non-compliance.  Each mortgage fraud analysis will contain a complete summary of violations found and provide a course of action based on property state and current status of homeowner.  MAO’s pre-audit begins with our Qualified Written Request-QWR template for your exclusive use to begin the lender compliance process.


Custom SEC Pro report follows the chain of transfer of the note and security instrument through the securitization process; includes trust information, SEC hyperlinks to Pooling and Servicing Agreement, Prospectus, 10-K, Title Report, investor level CUSIP Report, robo-signing investigation, MERS role, and applicable ABSNet screenshots.  Digitally signed auditor brief/summary of findingsincluded with all trust found reports.


Complete court ready report covering chain of title, proof of securitization, REMIC compliance,  holder in due course, CUSIP ID’s, credit support/default swaps, direct links to trust including certificates issued, assets, pooling and servicing agreement, prospectus, MERS as beneficiary – Security Instrument/ Assignment / DOT / Mortgage, governing law, transfers and parties, trace of endorsements, robo signature trace of forgery and flaws in the foreclosure process.

If aplicable this report also addresses qualifying ratios at origination, underwriting flaws, TILA and RESPA violations, profit margin of the securitizing parties, length of time full amount was recovered in relation to amortization of the original lien.  Each report includes examiner exhibits and certified fraud examiner expert witness audit support affidavit.


A search using the facilities of ABSNet® for securitization trust. Includes Loan Level Data and up to 10 screenshots. Results based on provided information of subject loan.  Charges apply regardless of no-match found.  No-match screenshot provided.


This report contains current and historical information about the status of secured financial interests in a property, as well as entire information on secured financial interest that is created by agreement between a creditor and the borrower.


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Delivery in 48 business hours. (Does not apply to affidavit service.)

Note: Accounting report are different levels. Level 1 and level 2. Some files may not qualify for accounting report due to loan type There may be a different pricing structure depending on the accounting report type included in the package depending on your file and what deal you receive. Please discuss with the account manager.

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