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Facing foreclosure is an uncertain and fearful time in the lives of many people. Securitization audits are fast becoming popular and maybe the next financial trend. However, some unscrupulous firms normally sell the audits to prey on desperate homeowners. They normally conduct the audit without any fees until violations are found.

Mortgage Securitization Fraud Audit

Securitization audit involves tracking the chain of the title looking for actions that do not follow the required steps outlined by the Polling and Servicing (PSA). This is just the beginning. The process then goes into the securitization of the mortgage loan to ensure that it was done legally. This is because the securitization of mortgages should always follow specified regulations. The most common problem with securitization is that the deed and the notes are located separately. For homeowners, this implies that the process of foreclosure may not be legal because securitization of the mortgage loan is illegal or contains errors based on the specific case of the mortgage loan. That is why mortgage loan audit benefits from a securitization audit. In case a case is brought to court; securitization audit is a good way of adding an extra layer of auditing.

Looking for Mortgage analysis services

Initially, you may think that hiring a firm or an individual to find a loophole in the processing of your mortgage may cause your foreclosure to be dismissed! Securitization audits can reveal if your note securitized. This includes records of mortgage transfers and all the parties connected to the mortgage securitization procedure. This type of information is the key to identifying the people and taking the matter to court for every party to prove a chain of assignment and their lawful point of collecting pay for foreclosure on your home.

When we conduct the audits, we may uncover a trail of violations, identify the TILA and RESPA violations of Fraud.

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