Certified forensic loan auditor training

Certified forensic loan auditor training

Most borrowers are currently looking for ways to negotiate their loan terms; this means looking for auditors to conduct forensic loan audits for them is they realize that there might be some errors in their loans. The forensic loan audits are those that are conducted scientifically by forensic loan auditors who are equipped with the knowledge of collecting evidences of fraud.

For one to be a forensic loan auditor, they need to take a comprehensive 4 day course that will enable them to be certified as a forensic auditor. The topics that are covered in the training include;

  • Home owner’s protection act.
  • State and federal discrimination laws.
  • Predatory loan indicators.
  • Truth in lending Act
  • Loan transaction documentation
  • MERS search.
  • SEC search techniques.
  • Review of court transcripts.
  • Legal standing and foreclosure defenses.
  • Underwriting standards and methodologies among others.

The requirements that one needs to be able to receive the certification to be a forensic loan auditor include;

  • At least 32hour attendance of the training.
  • Be able to satisfactorily pass a criminal background check.
  • Be able to pass the test after the training.

The training is beneficial as the auditors will be able to expand their knowledge on topics related to forensic auditing and their legal knowledge on aspects of loan related compliance.

A forensic loan audit is essential for people with a passion of helping homeowners to save their homes. After a successful training the auditors will be equipped with the knowledge that they will use to identify any type of irregularities that may be present in the loan documents.

A certified forensic loan auditor plays an important role as an expert witness in court proceedings as they are well conversant with the legal standing of the courts in cases of foreclosure hence are able to offer expert opinions on the loan errors and recommendations for  steps that can be taken to avoid them. For free consultation please go to https://www.mortgageauditsonline.com/




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