Certified forensic loan audit for court use

The evidence collected after an audit is compiled into a report which the homeowner can use in the court. This is usually the last resort if the lender refuses to negotiate the terms of the loan. The forensic loan audit is a scientific analysis of the procedures that were used in the process of getting a loan. The audits are conducted to get evidences of;

  • Overstated values in the loan incomes.
  • Misleading disclosures in the loan documents.
  • Excessive fees and other charges.
  • Documentation errors.

The forensic loan audit is done to reconcile the loans to the general trial balance and checked through any movements that may have occurred during the loan period. The audit is necessary for making borrowers aware of the terms of the loan and the type of risks that are involved.

A court ready forensic loan audit should contain; Evidences of the fraud that has been committed and the perpetrators of the fraud. ,and a summary of the evidence collected and suggestions on how to prevent similar mistakes from happening.


The audit should be summarized in a report that is to be used in courts should contain:

  • Loan recordings and any other financial reports.
  • Deed transfers and recordings
  • Promissory note assignees who are verified
  • Trace of endorsements
  • Qualifying ratios at origin
  • TILA AND RESPA violations
  • Profit margins of the securitizing parties
  • Length of time the full amount was recovered in relation to the original lien amortization.
  • Securitized trust verification
  • Pooling and servicing agreements
  • Trust prospectus
  • Details of bond performances
  • Loan reporting in securitized trusts
  • Client specific information among others
  • Robo -signature trace of forgery and flaws in the foreclosure process.

A certified forensic loan auditor should be present in the court proceedings to give an expert witness account on the fraud that has been committed. The court documents should be compiled in a way that is easily understood. For free consultation please go to https://www.mortgageauditsonline.com/





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