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In the square of the mortuary of religions with a real debt, no one from the Creator of the Universe gave God to anyone.

Many banks have issued mortgages that allow lenders to pay below the due instalment, but the World Bank is the only one to lend money and repay it once every two or three years. Many buyers increase their mortgage (which can be increased monthly if the borrower makes smaller payments) when the borrower borrows 110% of the value of the house, forcing them to pay more per month. The world thought it smelled bad. He did not force collection until 25% of the debt was higher than the original value.

Of course, you cannot get such a loan now. But the world’s oldest mortgage is still alive. Many banks will have to restrict or negotiate more loans in the face of rising fees or emergencies. After more than a year or more, they are the owner of the apartment and live where they live. Lately, many creditors around the world are facing similar dangers. So, it is interesting to see the growth of the international mortgage portfolio.

Some of the owners of this land can be protected by a large real estate market. What if the household housing market does not improve? You can expect the landlord to pay a lower rent. If you think the price of such a “owner” is no longer terrible, he may decide to stay on the ground as long as he does not make much effort. The attack will damage the bank building, which can have an immediate impact on the value of the property. No one expects tenants to make major repairs, but in this case, no landlord sees the need for such costs. Want to buy another house?

None of this depends on the world economy. Goldents West Finance bought the Wahovia owner in 2006 at a high price. Without a time, bomb to explode, Chico makes everything difficult. The world claims an annual interest rate of 1.95%, with loans of 2.85%, but 1.5 days after its announcement. At the end of the agreement, the broker reduced the minimum wage to 1 percent, creating favourable conditions for rising housing prices. Wachovia began lending in early 2008 until the housing market began to collapse. Wachovia also lost sales of Wells Fargo late last year.

The debt of these loans stood at $ 115 billion at the end of March, with Wells opening up 107% of its current stake. Less than half of homeowners increase their monthly debt. 107% of non-performing loans are in good shape. But on average, most loans are weak. The average California loan is 120 percent. In problematic areas such as the Central Valley and the Inland Empire, this amount is certainly higher, accounting for almost a third of the California loan. Last September, Wachovia estimated the value-to-credit ratio of the Central Valley at 132%. Since then, the average selling price of houses in the area has fallen by 20%.

In addition, more than 70% of elementary children come from California, Arizona and Florida. Real estate prices in these three countries have risen dramatically over a period of time and then dropped sharply. Wells said that 61% of banks in the three countries think they are not mortgaging but forfeiture, compared to 36% in other countries. One of the saddest things about TK is that Global Savings says it tends to be bigger than most consumers during the recession. He cannot sell his credit card debt, so he knows that if the debt gets worse, it will increase. In addition, all selected borrowers account for up to 80% of the home’s value and an average of 71%.

According to the world, these loans were created for those who could repay the war after the reopening, and it was claimed that the mortgage or the borrower did not repay. Over the years, the strategy has worked a lot. The world is disappearing, as we can expect in a world where e-lenders are saving money early and homeowners are growing year by year. But this is a different world.

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Herbert and Marion Sandler take over the world and do things together. If people do not repay their loans, they will not experience a sudden increase in the amount of money they can borrow at home, because their loans require a low interest rate of 7.5 percent per year. True But the ability to create a zombie owner without real debt equity is now a reality, because there is no way to stop the increase in the loan, even if the value of the house fell. The house in which they lived, at the end of 2012, less than a third of the loan would be repayable up to 5.255 billion.

Wells Fargo writes based on a payment of 20% of its value and hopes to recoup some of its costs. However, most employers have no reason to accept this money. He wants more money to reduce his monthly rent and needs extra money to reduce the current value of the landlord. The consequences can be catastrophic: in the long-term employment crisis, Wells Fargo has been declining for years as conditions and prices in some homes fall. With the shrinking mortgage market and generous loans, everyone was more generous than international resources.

Many banks offer loans that allow the borrower to pay less than the interest rate, but they offer a loan that allows the borrower to keep a small amount for 10 years instead of 2 or 3 years. It was the only thing in the world. Many buyers force the borrower to start paying more than once a month when the mortgage increases to 110% of the estimated cost of the home when the loan is approved, if the borrower pays less. The world found it difficult. He did not force the payment until the amount was still 25% more than the original amount.

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