Will bankruptcy stop foreclosure

Have you exhausted all options but yet to find a way to save your home? File for bankruptcy. It might seem too straight forward but if you want to save your home and you don’t have time advantage, you should file for bankruptcy as soon as possible. Bankruptcy in itself might not save your home and depend on how you go about it, it can cost you your home.

However, filing for bankruptcy can give you the time you need to;

  • Hire a lawyer.

Having a lawyer around will reduce the stress you will go through during a foreclosure challenge. A lawyer can also give legal advice that will ultimately save your home and even help you negotiate a loan modification.

  • Gather money to pay upon debt.

You might need to work harder or request for other loans to refinance your loan. Filing for bankruptcy is a way to get the extra time needed for this process.

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  • Find out how the foreclosure is handled in your state.

Laws divers with states and to win in your attempt to save your home, you need to find out how this process is handled in your state.

  • Research other options you can try out.

You might be completed out of options, by researching online or talking to friends, you can discover new ways to go about the situation. The relief time gotten by filing for bankruptcy can be used to re-strategize.


Filing for bankruptcy is a blessing in disguise and can save your home by stopping foreclosure proceedings immediately. So the answer to the question, “will bankruptcy stop foreclosure” is yes. If done on time before your house is put up to be auctioned, it can be the best way to prevent losing your home.

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