What if my lender cannot produce the note?

There are many different cases where the lender misplaces or loses the mortgage note. This implies that during the foreclosure process, they are not able to produce the note to ascertain that they are entitled to enforce the note or foreclose it.

Mortgage Note

The important thing is to know what is a mortgage note. While purchasing a house, the mortgage transactions involves two documents. This include a note and mortgage. The note is promise to repay the money at a future day and should not be recorded. The mortgage note is a security document that states if the homeowner fails to make payments, the bank/lender is allowed to foreclose the property.

Most homeowners want to know what happens in this case.

Typically, when a lender is not able to produce the mortgage note, then they cannot prove when they took ownership or assignment of the note. In this case the court could dismiss the case. The law states that a person, who is not in possession of a document, is entitled to enforce the document of the person seeking t enforce the document was entitled to enforce the document when loss of possession occurred, the person can’t reasonably obtain possession of the document because its where about cannot be determined.

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When the court dismisses the case due to a lost mortgage note, the court will dismiss the case without prejudice. This implies that the lender still has another opportunity to bring the case anytime the mortgage note is found. Therefore, the lender can still file foreclosure if the note is found.

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