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Wachovia was a diverse financial institution based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Prior to the acquisition of Wells Fargo in 2008, Wachovia was the fourth largest bank in the United States based on total assets. Wachovia has provided a wide range of banking, asset management, asset management, investment banking goods and services. At the top, it was one of the largest financial service providers in the United States, based in Connecticut, Florida and western California, operating financial institutions in 21 states and Washington, USA. Wachovia provides international services through more than 40 offices worldwide.

The acquisition of Wachovia by Wells Fargo was completed on December 31, 2008, after the government issued a forced sale to avoid the loss of capital in Wachovia. The Wachovia brand has been owned by the Wells Fargo brand for three years. On October 15, 2011, the Wachovia North Carolina branch was transferred to Wells Fargo. Wachovia is a 2001 partnership with Wachovia Company in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. And Charlotte First Cooperative Corporation.

The company is divided into four categories: major banks (retail, today’s trade and sales), financial management (real estate, trust and insurance business), investment management (asset management, pension and retail) and financial institutions and investments. (Capital, Investment)). Financial institutions and financial report). It has served customers in six countries across the country and in Latin America, as well as investment banks in six selected countries and businesses. Wachovia Insurance and Wachovia’s first business was transferred to Wales Fargo in 2009, when Welsh Fargo became a consultant to Wales Fargo. Caliber was an independent consultant hired for research by the Wachovia Family Resources Group. Caliber is not used by the team. Corporate and institutional capital markets and investment banking groups operate under the Wachovia Securities brand, while the Asset Management Group operated under the Evergreen Investments brand until 2010, when it merged with the Wells Fargo Profit Funds Evergreen Fund family. . Institutional and high-level. Wells Capital Management and Its Affiliates – Along with Valuable Results.

Wachovia Capital Partners acts as the private equity arm of Wachovia.

Company Name

The medieval Australian name is derived from the Latin form of the middle. When the Moravia settlers came to Beta Bara in North Carolina in 1753, they acquired the name of their land because it resembled the Danube Valley. The area formerly called Wachovia is now mostly Frosted County and the largest city is now Winston-Salem.

On December 12, 1986, Wachovia bought the first Atlanta. Founded September 14, 1865 as the Financial Bank of Atlanta and later renamed Atlanta First Bank National, this company is the former Atlanta Treasury. Midwest was one of the few companies he bought based in Winston-Salem and Atlanta. In 1991, Wachovia merged with the South Carolina National Corporation and entered the South Carolina market. Charleston Bank was founded in 1834. In 1998, Wachovia bought two banks: Virginia, Jefferson National Bank and Central. Fidelity Bank. In 1997, Wachovia became the first First Bankers and American Bankers Inc. who entered Florida. In 2000, Wachovia finally won the Republic of the Security Bank.

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First Confederation and Echo via

On April 16, 2001, First Union announced the acquisition of Wachovia by converting approximately $ 13.4 billion into First Union shares. Two stocks from First Union offered all the unpaid portions of Wachovia. Chief Wachovia, L.M. “IPod” Baker Jr. and the first president of the European Union, Ken Thompson. Baker became the president of the merged bank, and Thompson became president and CEO. As we all know, the first union was saved. The headquarters of the union bank, located in Charlotte, confirmed the structure of the first union companies and continued the history of the shares prices of the first union until 2001. However, an important part of the merger is called the Joint Bank. It is a sign of dismissal in Wachovia.

Financial media and security analysts are surprised by the same. Although Wachovia appeared to be a competitive bidder in 2000 after work and credit problems, many analysts are concerned that Wachovia will be sold by SunTrust in Atlanta. The deal has been met with skepticism and criticism. Analysts are worried about a possible initial merger with another major company in terms of acquisitions of major states. The citizens of Winston-Salem և politicians find it difficult to enjoy their citizenship, as the union headquarters will be in Charlotte. The city of Winston-Salem is worried about losing its job and headquarters. The first unions were concerned about saving the city and losing customers. The union first answered questions about property management Winston Salem headquarters in Carolina.

Government intervention

After Steele took office, he said that Wachovia was independent. However, Washington Mutual Construction yesterday caused stock prices to drop 27% on September 26. On the same day, many institutional investors withdrew money from their accounts and reduced it to less than $ 100,000 promised by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), known as the “Silent Steering” event. In banks. In the end, Bucovina lost a total of $ 5 billion in investments that day. This is about 1% of the bank’s total investment. A large amount of deposits went to the auditors who controlled domestic banks. Area inspectors forced Wachovia to be sold over the weekend. If Wachovia fails, it will be an important waterway for the FDIC insurance fund of the same size (it will operate on one of the main pipelines of the East Coast branch).


By the end of the weekend, Wachovia had already negotiated with the FDIC, Citigroup and Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo was originally a model of Wachovia Bank’s performance, but it got rid of Wachovia’s concerns about commercial loans. Since no agreement was reached on the morning of September 28, observers worried that Wachovia would not have enough money to open the business the next day. In order to have sufficient commercial strength, banks usually rely on short-term intermediate loans. However, the market became disgusting due to the credit crisis in connection with the real estate bubble and the bank was not willing to repay its debt. In this case, regulators are concerned that if customers withdraw more money, Wachovia will not have enough liquidity to meet these obligations. This will result in failure until your WaMu.

When FDIC President Sheila Bair found out about Wachovia’s situation, she first decided to solve the problem, just as she did with WaMu the day before. In this case, the currency controller will retrieve data from Wachovia Bank (Wachovia Bank in North Carolina and Wachovia Bank in Delaware, North Carolina) and place it under the FDIC receiver. FDIC then sells the bank’s assets to the highest bidder. Bayer called Steel on September 28 and stated that the FDIC would auction the right to use Wachovia Bank. Bell thinks it is better to protect small banks.

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