UK Bloomberg Property Securitization Audit Reports

The property securitization market in the UK remains one of the largest and most developed markets in Europe. The securitization of properties involves the creation of pass-through securities where interest is moved to holders of securities in form of mortgage based bonds. This bonds are debt obligations that the mortgages collateralize.

The UK property securitization market began in the 80s after the facilitation of mortgage backed securities. The move to securitized property was made possible by the enhanced value of domestic mortgages, which were made equal to other market investments.

Some of the problems faced in the property securitization process include;

  • Lack of sufficient liquidity which arises from the division of the mortgage pools among different investors leading to insufficient distribution of the resource pools.
  • Transfer of risks that may be as a result of unclear information on the property prices.
  • Lack of certainty in the mortgage repayment dates.
  • Regulatory issues.
  • Discounted spreads in the securitized property.
  • Lack of clear information on who bears the cost of securitization
  • Illegalities in the securitization process

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The importance of property securitization audits is therefore to ensure that all the information in regards to the process of securitization is made known .With most of the UK property markets listed in Bloomberg the auditor may access the terminal to search for relevant information.

After the audit process is completed, the auditor is required to come up with a report detailing the findings of the audit. This report is then presented to the property investor who may then decide to follow up any case of illegalities in the court.

An audit report should contain all the steps that were followed in the audit process along with the findings in a simple and clear language .It should also contain suggestions on what can be done to avoid the problems that may arise from the audit. For free consultation please go to

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