Securitization report for court use

Securitization is the process of packaging multiple loans together and sold to investors. Securitization audit is a process that involves searching specific databases that indicate that a specific consumer loan has been securitized. If the mortgage loan has been securitized, the securitization itself should be legally and lawfully.

The securitization audit mainly analyses the original loan documents of the homeowner for evidence of loan origination violations. These violations can consist of violations of the federal laws, TILA, stated income violations, disclosure violations, or predatory practices.

A securitization report produced by an experienced mortgage attorney can determine if any fraud exists. The securitization report helps attorneys challenge assignments or transfers of a mortgage note.

Expert attorneys create securitization reports with experience in real estate. At Mortgage Audit Online, we use a securitization report to stop a wrongful disclosure due to lack of legal standing, or for the purpose of Quieting the Title to the Property.

The securitization audit report is designed to show the parties in the securitization chain. The report can be used to stop an illegal foreclosure The report includes;

  • Instrument Numbers
  • Special Purpose Vehicle
  • PSA and Prospectus
  • Any evidence of Robo Signing

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Securitization audit reports can be used in various places. This includes; negotiating with the lender and for court purposes

Why homeowners need securitization audit report

Evidence present in the report can help the court determine if the presence of mortgage fraud. In case the court determines the lender may have breached the contract, homeowners get a settlement for any damage caused.

Homeowners facing foreclosure are encouraged to have a securitization audit report. Nobody does a better securitization audit than a competent lawyer who provides a securitization audit report that can either demand settlement or sure the lender. Mortgage Audit Online will provide you with a comprehensive securitization report that can be used for court purposes.

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