Robo signing in foreclosures

Robo-signing is a process where an employee of a mortgage servicing company signs foreclosure documents without actually reviewing them. The employees don’t actually have first-hand knowledge of the facts they are signing off on, which is a violation of the law.

Effects of robo-signing in the foreclosure process

Lenders cannot legally foreclosure a house if the mortgage foreclosure documents are not clear. This implies that the affidavit or another foreclosure document a bank submits of false, as any document completed by a robo-signer would be the foreclosure should not go through

Certainly, the truth is that the lenders foreclosed on hundreds of properties based in just such invalid affidavits and other documents. Once the issue was revealed, here is what happened

  • In states where the foreclosure process passed through the courts, more judges started paying closer attention to the affidavits and paperwork
  • In areas where foreclosure does not pass through the courts, some borrowers brought lawsuits to stop the foreclosure on the ground that false documents have been recorded as part of the non-judicial process.

Looking for Mortgage Analysis Services

Typically, the homeowner can challenge the foreclosure affidavits at the point when the lender or the bank has requested summary judgment. Citing robo-signing to challenge mortgage documents is one way to possible state off summary judgement. Another way to challenge the mortgage documents is to challenge any inaccurate information on mortgage and payment history contained in the documents.

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