Robo-signing and its Connection to Fraudulent Foreclosures

In the past few years, we have seen numerous robo-signing sandals high have halted foreclosures to give time for investigations to be done. Robo-signing is the process where the employees of mortgage servicing companies sign foreclosure documents without verifying them.  These employees violate the law because they do not have sufficient knowledge of the facts they are signing off on. In most cases, robo-signers sign off thousands of foreclosure documents. When someone a foreclosure document, they are swearing that under oath that there have verified the facts set forth; however, in this case, robo-signers have no personal knowledge of the documents.

As a result of robo-signing, the affidavits cover up the fact that the mortgage servicing companies were unable to prove the facts needed to conduct a lawful foreclosure. Another thing to note in the case of robo-signing is ghost signing. Ghost signing occurs when someone forges the signature of another person. This is another illegal method of fraudulently signing foreclosure documents.

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In 2010, various robo-signing scandals emerged around the country involving a number a large bank, many of which were household names. These scandals varied from managers who had knowledge of what was going on to employees who had no knowledge of what they are doing, and they were breaking the law.

Due to numerous cases of foreclosure fraud, if your home is a risk of foreclosure for any reason, it is important to get in touch with a qualified attorney. In a time full of ghost signing and robo-signing, it is important to have a professional carefully go through your documents to determine whether or not is an issue in your particular case. An attorney can help you build a solid foreclosure defence, and they can help you find the most viable solution to your case.

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