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Mortgage Loan Fraud Investigations

Mortgage fraud

Mortgage fraud refers to intentional misrepresentation, misrepresentation, or omission of information that relies on the registrant or lender to sponsor, purchase or ensure that the loan is protected from real property.

Criminal charges can be prosecuted in a state or federal court, and they are usually charged under phone fraud, bank fraud, postal fraud, or money laundering, with up to 30 years in prison for each case. As fraud cases have escalated in the past few years, provinces have also started imposing their fines on property fraud.

Investigation mortgage fraud

Federal & Government Mortgage Fraud Prevention Agencies

Cases are investigating by many sections and administrations of government of foreclosure than ever before. Whereas this is a good symbol for possible sufferers, the high number of fraud cases makes it problematic even for these organizations to pursue all cases.

This makes these entities an excellent resource for customers who trust they may have been preys of fraudulent assets or think they are being encouraged to participate in fake activities.

An important role of the US Department of Justice, that acquired action for the market of housing refused in 2008 to set up a nationwide council property fraud team to examine and accuse mortgages crime.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Since 2006 to 2008 loan fraud investigating by the figure of FBI agents has increased two times, said Robert S. Mueller Director of FBI. In detail the burden of the FBI’s property fraud occurrence has increased dramatically since the accommodation crisis enforced many homeowners to forfeit. In major cities of the US and Puerto Rico fifty-six field offices located of the FBI.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

In April 2009 proclaimed by the Federal Trade Commission an anti-fraud campaign against asset reforms and saving companies. FTC wants to stop the propagation of these mortgage scams by tightening the law and reaching consumers. Commission also organizes adjacent collaboration with government, national, and non-profit associates.

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

If the case involves money laundering under Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, you can inform fraud openly to them. Although they do not conduct an illegal investigation, they can open an internal investigation and if they find evidence of fraud, can report to the criminal authorities .While the two organizations were attacked in 2008-09 in United States, for their part in building the housing market both organizations can deliver homeowners with the best assets to prevent probable fraud.

Looking for Mortgage Analysis Services


While most residential mortgages in United States are managed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac and secured by HUD, certain are reserved in private selections or securities. You can always contact the creditor on the Action of Trustees to inform fraud.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

If this case involves a loan held by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”), you can inform directly to the HUD’s Office of Chief Inspector. Office of the Auditor-General has a legal arm to conduct investigations of criminal act. HUD has a website that teaches a lot to those who wish to learn more about piracy and dangerous practices and how to protect themselves.

U.S. Postal Service Testing Service

The agency regularly helps FBI and the other government activities with fraudulent cases, especially once it comes to postal scam. It also has a very inclusive website in a diversity of fraud cases both related to loans

US Secret Service

The Secret Service is occasionally named upon to help in the investigation of fraudulent assets provided by their governments and investigative processes. Legislatures of the Secret Service have participated in national and local services to combat these criminal performs. Financial Crimes Division (FCD) for Secret Service programs evaluate and manages illegal investigations containing multiple financial corruptions.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

The SEC is a new association that will monitor up on deceitful happenings, though it is not usually one of the first areas for customers to communicate with possible cases.

There are anti-money laundering agencies in the country. Several of these provinces have their individual troops, and they hold conferences to offer homeowners with info on in what way to avoid such scam. Appeal your government website or communicate your attorney general’s office for additional data.

In addition to the rules and corporations that deal with fraudulent property, each country has its particular laws and organizations to deal with this issue. Foremost among these is the attorney general’s office, which is accountable for examining and prosecuting crimes of all kinds. Other government organizations, such as real estate directives and bank offices may also be convoluted.

All state has native offices of several government organizations that are involved in struggling housing scam or that can help as evidence means to customers, comprising the FBI, HUD and the U.S. Treasury Office for Thrift Supervision. National non-profit administrations, such as the Fair Housing Alliance and the Better Business Bureau, can also help.

Professional reporting tools for state agencies:

By fraud where a housing professional is a criminal, you can create a report to an organization that allows and regulates professionals in your province. In most cases, these organizations have the sole power to institute corrective proceedings against the technical license, but they may be capable to assist with the transfer of criminals. Some states have a refund fund where some professional licensing fees are kept to help sufferers who are losing money.

Real Estate Agents / Brokers: Bank loan daily has an online application with certifying requirements for each government and has links to each state certifying organization.

Mortgage Loans: Lenders of residential loans must be listed with the NMLS, the National Mortgage Licensing System. NMLS system also submits each state authorizing requests and liaises with the state governing agency.

Appraisers: Contact details for state agencies can be found here

Notaries: Use the search engine to search for your province name and “notary regulatory agency”

Attorneys: Lawyers are subject to strict moral necessities. You may want to consult with a government bar, not you’re local bar association.


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