Misappropriation of funds audit report

Payment Process

Adequate segregation of duties must be ensured to ensure that the responsibilities for appointment, scheduling, approval of hours worked, accounting of hours worked, and payroll do not share the same person. In addition, payment records must be complete, submitted on time, reviewed by the supervisor, and never returned to employees after approval by the supervisor. All payroll transactions must support the required documentation. Inadequate controls can lead to fraudulent practices, including:

  • Inadequate support for hours paid, signatures, or approved records can allow employees to falsify hours worked without proof
  • no overtime policy or activity control allows the abuse of overtime, including intentional non-productive activities, to offer overtime at an additional cost;
  • Inadequate monitoring and approval of time and attendance reports may allow for unpaid interrupted vacation balances that assume overpayment or unearned time


Responsibilities should be clearly separated to ensure that responsibilities prior to receipt, storage and reconciliation do not affect the same person. Use only receipts and system approved by the school. Receipts must be typed in advance, counted, and not used incorrectly; All receipts, even those that do not exist, must be decided. The deposit requires checking the old data (relationship). Improper management can lead to misconduct, including:

  • It is not possible to ensure that any bill included in the order or validation may result in the bill being stolen or damaged; Employees can use the receipt to provide the customer when they receive the payment, but cannot declare the receipt and destroy the information
  • Failure to follow these policies and procedures will result in invalid receipts, replacement items, or more inaccurate, refundable, non-refundable or non-cash

Petty money

Appropriate separation of duties must be made to ensure responsibility for financial supervision, cash exclusion, agreement with grants, and non-compliance of the same person. There should be a small arrangement of small withdrawals for equity and receipts from independent parties. Adjustments must be made between balances and deposits for bank statements or deposits. Managers should review assets that have only been used for authorized purposes – not for payments, discounts, or other restrictions. Improper management will lead to fraud involving:

  • Improper monitoring and receipt can lead to improper, or incomparable, misappropriation of checks to cash or employees, which hides assets (buy for personal gain)
  • Do not break or change receipts for reuse; use the receipt more than once for one purchase for greater accessibility

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The trip

There should be an appropriate segregation of duties to ensure that responsibility for travel authorization, transaction records, and reimbursement of expenses, and payment of remuneration does not belong to the same person. The WSU has a strong travel policy to ensure proper control. Units must ensure compliance with the rules. An employee travel authorization must be approved by a recognized and authorized person. Refunds from other sources (i.e., grants) should be considered. Refund requests must be supported by the original invoices and must be reviewed for justification. Improper control leads to fraud such as:

  • A review of a refund request by someone unfamiliar with the policies or activities may result in duplicate invoices, unauthorized or unauthorized refunds, or overpayments made for the same transaction.



There should be an appropriate separation of responsibilities to ensure that the responsibilities of the tutor and the certified officer do not belong to the same person. WSU has strong card purchase policies; units should ensure compliance with regulations. Original accounts should support transactions and be reviewed in recorded purchases and bank statements to avoid duplication with approved and permitted purposes. Proper control leads to fraud, including:

  • Proper account review for registered transactions may not take illegal purchases (prohibited or personal purchases) or account copies
  • Improper review of reconciliation cannot identify errors in budgeting or recording activities, leading to incorrect recording or hidden payments.

When fraud or embezzlement is discovered or can reasonably be inferred from suspicious circumstances, or when there is very strong evidence that gives suspicion, or when a serious irregularity is discovered in the account, the auditor must immediately trust the circumstances, in writing to the executive (i.e., president, vice president, president or vice president of the local authority, as the case may be) and also to the audit director of the local fund.

  • Once the auditor has thoroughly investigated the fraud or embezzlement, he must submit a complete report on the case to the Director, who will send copies of it to the supervisory authority or the government, as the case may be:
  • Indicate where the executive authority (president/vice president, president/vice president, etc.) or the office manager of a local authority is involved or has reason to suspect their involvement in fraud or embezzlement, or irregularities for any of these officers.

Report scam

All members of the university community are encouraged to report fraud or misconduct. Anyone suspected of fraud or related misconduct should not face it. Employees should start with their superiors and report their concerns through normal management channels. After notification of suspected fraud or negligence, the supervisor must report the incident to the Internal Audit Department (IAD). If employees find it difficult to discuss/report with their supervisor, or if the supervisor is suspected of fraud, they can report their concerns directly to the internal audit department.

Reporting to IAD on possible fraud or misuse of university resources can be done confidentially or anonymously. Internal audit cannot guarantee the confidentiality of the whistleblower; However, IAD will keep the identity of the whistleblower confidential unless (1) the person agrees to confirm the identity, (2) the college police conduct effective investigations or respond to the necessary identification, (3) the law requires identification; or (4) the person accused of fraud or negligence has the right to information as a lawful right in the disciplinary process. The anonymous complainant must provide sufficient evidence to justify starting an investigation. Investigations into unspecified violations or widespread allegations will not be undertaken without verifiable support. Because the IAD is unable to interview anonymous reporters, their credibility can be difficult. Therefore, you are less likely to initiate an investigation.

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