Miracle Prayer To Stop Foreclosure

house with, a lot of mental and physical stress is associated with the foreclosure. Usually, no one wants to lose their home but the thought of losing it in less than 3 months is so scary. Where will you live? What will happen to the memories you have in your home?

A lot of these questions hold much uncertainty and it takes great emotional stability to go through such a process without landing in the hospital emergency room. For those who believe in God and the potency it prayer, prayers can be offered up to God to intervene in the situation.

Many lenders can insist on selling your house and won’t grant any loan modification request sent. Such can happen for a variety of reasons and its effect on homeowners is usually devastating. However, homeowners who believe in pray can cry to God to help them through their challenges. You can pray in this manner:

Dear Lord, I want to thank you for giving us this house, it’s been an absolute blessing and we’re grateful for it.

I call this house your home because you gave it to us and you’ve been living in it with us ever since…

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Lord, due to the dishonest nature of the bank, we’re about to lose our home, we’ve tried all we know to try but they still want to take it from us. Lord, intervene in our case and save our house and that of others that depend on you. Amen.

God still answers prayer, you use the above prayer as a template or just pray as your heart leads, tell your pain points to Get and he will surely answer your prayers. Miracles still happen and you can find testimonies all over the world of how God has helped people stop foreclosure in a miraculous manner. Tell your heart desires to him and he will hear you.

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