Ireland Bloomberg Property Securitization Audit Report

A securitization report is contains detailed information on the   parties that are involved in the securitization process. The Bloomberg terminal is a search engine that contains detailed and real-time information on the property markets around the world. Bloomberg property securitization audit reports are those that contain information that has been cross-checked on the terminal.

The Ireland property market is one of the choice market jurisdictions for most finance transactions. Securitization in Ireland is backed by a supportive legal and regulatory system making the process widely popular.

The securitized market puts emphasis on asset backed securities; residential mortgage backed securities and collateralized debt obligations among others. The reasons Ireland backs securitization includes;

  • The process offers an alternative funding method as funds are generated for the originator from the assets that have been bought.
  • Securitization improves tax efficiency in the Irish property market.
  • The capital that is used for securitization is optimized especially if the securitization process is carried out by banks.
  • The securitization process enhances the income and return capital for the lender while reducing the credit risks.

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When an auditor is finished with the audit process, they are required to prepare a detailed report that contains results of the audit review. The report will then be used to identify areas of weakness that may occur in the process of the handling or the securitization procedures. The securitization audit reports should contain some of the following;

  • A full recording of the loan at the agencies involved.
  • Details of the bond performance
  • Pooling and servicing agreement that governs the trust holding your note.
  • Full disclosures as per the UCC
  • Verification of assignees on the promissory note
  • A recording of the servicers of the securitization
  • A report of the loan performance in a securitized trust
  • Client information (which is mostly included on request)

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