Illegal transfer of property by forgery and impersonation

Property is a novel of rights and interests. Transfer of ownership means the transfer of rights and interests to another person. The owner has the right to transfer the property according to his will according to the law.

If the goods are transported illegally, it is an illegal shipment. Here, we assume that the real owner is not involved in any illegal activity. The real owner was also a victim. Someone managed to move the goods by means by which the business was illegal.

A transfer will be considered illegal if it occurs in the following way:

Creating a document – Documentation involves producing false documents such as a will, gift certificate, sales letter and so on. It means layout.

Misrepresentation of facts – If the transfer is made by concealing certain facts or clearing an identity, that is, someone pretends to be the owner before the registration authority and signing documents to effect a transfer of property.

Abuse of the power of a lawyer-NRI usually exercises the power of a lawyer on behalf of family or friends. In situations where PoA keepers act in a particular way, it is always possible to abuse such PoAs.

Prepare false documents, such as preparing a false will to prove evidence of ownership and transfer of property based on the will.

Solutions available by the owner: The owner can take any of the following solutions.

  • A civil case for a protection order can be brought. A prayer will be brought to the court to prevent the party from leaving the building.
  • Individuals can file a domestic lawsuit for disclosure and possession. The court can choose the owner and transfer the property to him.
  • A domestic lawsuit may be filed in connection with the removal of illegally removed transportation from the building.
  • A domestic lawsuit may be settled out of court because the act of conduct is declared invalid without affecting the owner’s income. m.a.w. The owner may apply for leave in court, in respect of his or her share of the property, the transfer may be declared invalid. It occurs mainly in the properties of its owners, legal heirs.
  • Public clothing to divide a building and to divide property if a building is illegally transferred to its owners.

There is no need to file a unique file for each break. Depending on the facts and circumstances of this case, help may be gathered.

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Application for registration –

Application to the registry authority to prevent the regulation of stamp registration.

Real estate records can be checked and tax authorities can request corrections when errors occur. It helps prevent theft, so you can make a difference in your care. In this regard, the IRS does not have much authority. Most of the recording is done by the court.

It is important to update your tax records in order to show the names of the real owners in the public records.

If the letter of resignation has been registered and subsequently revoked, the letter of resignation must also be registered.

  1. Remedies under the Offenses Ordinance – A complaint may be lodged with the police if the fact in question is that an offense has been committed under the Indian Criminal Code for example deception

It is best to contact a lawyer and seek legal advice before finding any of the above solutions.

Forgery and usurpation of property conduct is a common phenomenon at the national level. There are millions of cases before the courts awaiting resolution. Tourists can deceive others by creating fake ownership documents, forging signatures and fake representative documents to conduct ownership transactions. You can find a number of fakes that are related to fake transactions; you should be careful when finding such cases. Report directly to the police and ask them to file an FIR for forgery, document fabrication and fraud. If the perpetrator has already obtained authorization, you must file a claim stating that the victim has absolute ownership and that the false sale contract should be amended.

Always consider filing a complaint with the police station where it is located. If someone is trying to establish ownership, it becomes important to file a complaint about the copy. The victim must write a letter directing all cases to the State Registry Inspector and the signatory. Victims should place advertisements in daily and national newspapers stating that you are aware of a fraud at the property, so that you alert the background to the fraud about staying away from the premises or preparing to stand trial. Counterfeiting in the sense of an offense punishable by law under the IPC Chapter. All types of cases related to forgery are in sections 420 (fraud), 467 (forgery), 468 (fraud in fraud), 471 (with genuine fake documents) and 120B (applicable when more than one party operates the Indian Penal Code (PPI)).

Steps to be taken if counterfeiting is suspected

Ajay Sethi, property rights enforcer at the High Court in Bombay, said: “Victims should report forgery, documents and fraud to the police as soon as they become aware of the situation. In the case of Mondal, you must also file a claim claiming that your mother is the absolute owner of said property and that a fraudulent sales contract should not be taken into account. It is also important to make a complaint to the police station where the property is located. If a scammer tries to assert his rights to a property, it is important to file a claim based on imitation. Correspondingly, you should write to the Chief Registrar of Registration and the Registrar under him and bring the case to the attention. Victims may also post warnings in national newspapers stating that the original owner was aware of the fraud and did not know about the transactions. According to Kolkata lawyer Devajyoti Barman, preserving the physical title of the property is also important, in addition to keeping the original legal papers confirming his ownership. According to Yogendra Singh Rajawat, a practicing lawyer at the Rajasthan High Court, such cases fall under sections 420 (cheating), 467 (forgery of documents), 468 (forgery for purpose of cheating), 471 (using a forged document as a genuine one) and also 120B (applicable when there is more than one person party to the act), of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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