How To Write A Letter To Stop Foreclosure

Writing a letter to your lender is an effective way to stop foreclosure and make other requests. Most of those letters are usually hardship letter. A hardship letter is a letter written by homeowners to their lenders to make known their financial situations and why they can’t meet up with their regular payment. Also, hardship letters can be used to request loan modification and other forms of loan workouts. Therefore, your chances of having your request granted is dependent on how effective your letter is and how well it has been written.

Make sure to include not just your difficulties in your letter, but also your plans to improve your situation and get back on track with your loan payment. Remember you are writing to an organization, not an individual, you must write in respect to their desire to make money and give them reasons to trust you. If you do this correctly, your request will be granted and the foreclosure sale will also be canceled. Here are some difficulties homeowners face and that can be included in your letter:

  • Medical expenses
  • Downsize
  • Job loss
  • Divorce
  • Natural disasters
  • Economic crisis, etc.

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Tips for writing an effective letter to stop foreclosure

  • Write in simple English.

Don’t use ambiguous words as they make it more difficult to understand you.

  • Be brief.

Don’t add unnecessary stories to your letter, it discourages the reader and they might just put it aside.

  • Be formal.

You shouldn’t use inform languages and you can ask friends to help you proofread it before sending it to your lender. You also do not want grammar errors in your letter, therefore take time to edit it properly.

  • State your request clearly.

Don’t expect your reader to figure it out themselves, clearly state your purpose of writing the letter. It could be to request a forbearance, loan modification, etc.

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