How To Stop HOA foreclosure

Missing a couple of your mortgage payments is not the only thing that can cause your home to be foreclosure, defaulting on your home association fees can also lead to foreclosure. As beautiful as owning a home might be, there are so many responsibilities attached to it and they can be overwhelming sometimes. Paying your mortgage regularly is not an excuse to default on other fees such as home assessment fee. However, if you are already facing HOA foreclosure, here some defenses you can use to stop the foreclosure.

  • Inaccurate accounting

Most of the payments are usually miscalculated, and if you have discovered where the errors are, you can use this against the management and stop foreclosure. You should ask the management to defend the amount they claim you owe and see if it is calculated as the law required. If not, they do not hold the right to foreclosure your home or evict you.

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  • Unfair charges

Unfairness is breed into every aspect of life and we might have to live with it, however, if it’s about to cost you your home, you should do something about it. In some cases when the due amount is less than $500 dollars and the late fee charges and others amount to about $2500 dollars. Such charges are ridiculous and you can sue them for it, and once the free is seen as unreasonable by the judge, the foreclosure will be stopped immediately.

  • HOA foreclosure is not legal in all-state

In some states, the homeowners association can sell your home over a couple of missed fees and even if it’s a couple of dollars, you can still lose your home for it. However, not all state permits this, HOA is not authorized to foreclosure home in some state. Find out the laws protecting your home in your state and refuse to be cheated.

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