How To Stop Foreclosure Process In Florida

In Florida, your home can’t be foreclosed unless a final judgment of foreclosure has been passed from the court. Unlike some states where a lender can just initiate foreclosure and sell your home before you can do anything. Here in Florida, your lender does not have such right and if your lender wants to foreclose your home unjustly, you can fill a case against them.

Your lender initiates the process by filing a request to the court to foreclosure your home, and depending on the court schedule, the process can last months before a final judgment of foreclosure is given by the court. The process is much to the advantage of homeowners because lenders must prove beyond doubt that you defaulted on your payment and foreclosure is inevitable.

However, if you do not want to lose your home, you shouldn’t just sit back and wait till you can’t do anything, hire a lawyer and figure out how you can counter your lender in court. Any form of illegality, unfairness, lack of consistency to inadequate accounting can be used against your lender. And depending on the gravity of the offense you will be able to stop foreclosure and in some few cases have your loan forgiven.

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Remember this, no matter how weighty the charge you wish to bring against your lender, you still need a good lawyer to win a case against well-established institutions. Hire a foreclosure lawyer or real estate lawyer who is practicing in your state and well familiar with Florida foreclosure proceedings.

If all efforts seem fruitless, you can file for bankruptcy before a final judgment of foreclosure is passed by the court. It’s advisable to have a lawyer do this for you so as to file a chapter that best suits your financial situation.

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