How To Stop Foreclosure In Oregon

When you are behind on your mortgage payment, you beginning to feel scared even before a foreclosure notice is sent in. Homeowners must understand that taking action earlier or immediately the notice is received boost your chances of stopping foreclosure. The longer you wait before taking action, the more limited your options. Not all options work in all states, below are the options you can run out of your home is located in Oregon.

Use bankruptcy

In Oregon, using chapter 13 bankruptcy allow you to stop foreclosure immediately and gives you an extended period of time to catch up on your mortgage payment usually 3-5 years. For homeowners who defaulted on their payment due to financial setbacks, this option is particularly great for them and will relieve them from the pressure to pay up before foreclosure sale date.


Most lenders in Oregon usually suggest a repayment plan to homeowners having difficulty paying up their mortgage. Depending on your financial situation, some lenders can provide temporary reliefs such as a reduction in the amount you will pay per month, suspension of your payment for a set period. As long as you can explain your situation to your lender adequately, you will be able to secure such forbearance and thereby stop foreclosure.

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Loan modification

There are a lot of modifying options to consider, you can modify how much you pay per month, how long the loan lasts, how often you want to pay, and a lot of others. Using this method to stop foreclosure is easier and less stressful, however, you can only go for this option if you still have a time advantage. The closer a foreclosure sale date is, the lesser your chances of being granted a loan modification.


You can work with a lawyer to make the whole process easier, make sure to hire only lawyers that have experience with foreclosure proceedings.

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