How To Stop Foreclosure In Maryland

Maryland uses a judicial foreclosure system, whereby lenders will go to court to receive a permit before proceeding to foreclose your home. If you do not fight the case and the court sees no reason to hold back, a final judgment of foreclosure is given. After which your lender can sell your home. Non-judicial foreclosure proceedings are also possible in Maryland but there are lots of restrictions to it.

How long does foreclosure take in Maryland

There are many factors that determine how long before a home can be foreclosed, one of the affecting factors is the court schedule. A final judgment of foreclosure is usually given 90 – 100 days after your lender sends in a request. However, another factor that can delay this process is if you decide to fight the case. If you found out that your lender’s hands are not clean, you can hire a lawyer to fight the case for you before a final judgment is passed.

Would I need a lawyer to stop foreclosure in Maryland

Depending on your situation, if you decide to fight a case at court, you definitely need a lawyer to represent you. However, if you decide to meet with your lender before foreclosure is processed and you discuss possible solutions, you can do this without a lawyer. As long as you are familiar with basic legal and financial terms used while discussion loan modification, you will be fine.

Looking for Mortgage Analysis Services

To increase your chances of success, it is advisable to work with a lawyer who has been involved in foreclosure cases in the past. Since Maryland make use of the judicial process, having a lawyer work you through the process is very important and can help you avoid unnecessary risk and liabilities. Don’t sign legal documents without having a lawyer with you, you don’t want to put your signature on a document that can be used against you later.

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