How To Stop A Foreclosure Sale In Florida

In Florida, foreclosure lawsuits usually last for about 180 to 200 days before any public auction is made. Florida makes use of the judicial foreclosure process and in case there are a lot of similar cases, foreclosure can be delayed. Also, homeowners can set adjournment of the hearing and all this can delay the processes much more.

Another way homeowners delay or stop foreclosure in Florida is to fight the case with available defenses. Perhaps you have some of those defenses but you are not well aware of them, here is a list of common foreclosure defenses:

  • Lack of standing
  • Inadequate notice
  • Unclean hands
  • Improper accounting of mortgage payments
  • Failure to comply with HUD requirements

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There are some of the defenses you can use to fight the case and you might be lucky to have your lender guilty of more than one offense. While hiring a lawyer to represent you, it would be better if you hire a foreclosure lawyer or a lawyer who is familiar with foreclosure cases in Florida. It will be to your advantage if your case is not the first your lawyer will be handling, as experience from other cases can be of benefit.

Another amazing option offered by the Florida government makes it possible to stop a foreclosure even after your home has been sold.  Florida’s Right of Redemption allows you a period of 10 days or less to redeem your home. However, you have to pay off your debt and other extra charges before the certificate of sale is offered. The period of time offer might be short but so many states do not have this luxury as it is impossible for them to redeem their home once it has been sold. Maximize the extra days given to redeem your home or discuss an alternative with your lawyer.

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