How To Stop a Foreclosure In Georgia

Like every foreclosure case, a foreclosure proceeding only comes into effect after you have defaulted on your mortgage payment for a long time. Although there are a lot of things you can do to prevent foreclosure in times of financial difficulties, however, most homeowners do nothing until they receive a foreclosure notice. However, if you are already in this challenge and looking for a way out, you’re at the right place.

Laws differ with state and this is true of foreclosure proceedings, here is what you should know about how to stop a foreclosure in Georgia:

Does not require court approval.

Lender institute need not go through a court process before auctioning your home, the lender can process foreclosure and sale your home provided some laid down laws are followed. This can come as a disadvantage as some state require you to sign some papers before your house can be sold. But here in Georgia, you can be evicted from your home without court proceedings.

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How long before I face foreclosure?

In Georgia, a lender can only initiate foreclosure after the loan is past due by 120 days. After a 120 days period and the house owner did not pay up on their loans, foreclosure is inevitable. However, this period of days before a foreclosure is initial can be maximized by house owners to request loan modification or other alternatives to prevent a foreclosure.

How to stop a foreclosure in Georgia

  • Request loan modification
  • Hire a lawyer to review your loan agreement
  • File for bankruptcy
  • Sell your house before a foreclosure

 These are ways by which a foreclosure can either be prevented or stopped, research about each of them in-depth to determine which is best for you.

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