How to get the Benefits of a Securitization Audit

A securitization audit is done by a third party researcher to ensure that your loan was securitized. The process of securitization offers opportunities to investors to buy into the securities while freeing up capital for the lenders.

Securitization serves various purposes and may be viewed as necessary to all the parties that are involved in the securitization process. First the process of securitization transforms illiquid assets into assets that can be sold in the market. This then reduces the risk that can be faced by the lender in case the borrower fails to pay back the loan.

When performing an audit the loan documents are analyzed for evidence of origination violations. This is important to a borrower as he/she may be able to then get their loans reduced by bringing their lenders to the negotiating table or they may use the audit reports to present a case to the court in their favor.

Other benefits of securitization include;

  • Securitization increases the earnings of the lender.
  • The financial institutions or originators are able to get better credit rating hence they are able to obtain funds at lower costs.
  • There is an increase in demand in the money market which makes the capital market more dynamic.
  • Securitization offers an enormous asset class with many buyers. This increases the range of investors to choose from.

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An audit is important to the borrower especially when they are trying to modify their loans. When am auditor finds any irregularities in the loan securitization process they may record the findings and present them to the borrower. Before getting an audit done the borrower should be aware of the following so as to get full benefits from the audit;

  • The audit should be comprehensive.
  • The audit should be conducted scientifically.
  • All mortgage documents should be reviewed.
  • The loan audit should always be concluded in a report.

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