How long is the foreclosure process in New Jersey?

If you’re behind on your mortgage payments on your home in New Jersey, you’re probably worried about foreclosure. In the State of New Jersey, if you fail to make your mortgage payments, the mortgage lender can foreclose on your property, but not without following specific specified procedures. New Jersey is a judicial foreclosure state, which means that if you default on your mortgage, the lender must go to court to repossess your home.

The New Jersey Fair Foreclosure Act provides the rules that lenders must follow before and during foreclosure. New Jersey has the third-longest foreclosure timeline. The average is 1,161 days (38 months) from that first foreclosure notice. On the one hand, that is a generous amount of time for you to get back on track with the mortgage.

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Before starting the foreclosure, the foreclosing party must send you (the borrower) a notice of intention to foreclose that provides at least 30 days to cure the default. The bank must mail you the notice a minimum of 30 days—but not more than 180—before foreclosure starts.

Also, if you have questions about the foreclosure process in New Jersey or want to learn about potential defenses to a foreclosure, you should consider talking to a foreclosure lawyer.

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