How long does it take to get a mortgage reinstatement quote?

When the homeowner defaults in his/her mortgage payments, they may be in apposition to pay back all of the remaining balance and become current again in one payment. This is termed as mortgage reinstatement. It is one of the methods of stopping a foreclosure.

For reinstatement to occur, a homeowner needs to co tact the lender and get a quote detailing the precise fee required for reinstatement. For mortgage reinstatement to be valid, the cost of the quote should be paid in full. The law requires the mortgage lender to provide the reinstatement quote within seven days of when the homeowner asks for it.

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What is included in a mortgage reinstatement quote?

A reinstatement quote is what is given to a borrower that outlines what they owe. This will typically include:

  • Back and current payments
  • Any late fees
  • Cost of property inspections
  • Any attorney or trustee fees and charges for the foreclosure process
  • Expenses related to preserving and protecting the lender’s interest in the property
  • A recording fee for the notice of cancellation of the sale

In case you find that the quote is incorrect, contact a mortgage attorney. Send your lender a notice of error. This letter includes your information and allows the lender to identify the mortgage loan account and description of the error.

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