Government Urge to Stop All Eviction during COVID 19

Along with the imminent tsunami of evictions, UN housing experts are now urging world governments to stop all evictions until the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Balakrishnan Rajagopal, UN Special Rapporteur for Housing, said, “We are concerned about the increasing number of forced migrations around the world. “The right to housing is very important in the fight against the epidemic, but now we are witnessing an explosion of evacuation and demolition.” “Losing a home during a disaster can mean life,” he added. “The right to life and the right to decent housing will be severely affected.” While some governments have banned deportation, many homes are still missing. In Brazil and Kenya, more than 11,000 people have been evicted from their homes, and more people have been evicted. Special invasion threatens countries like Haiti and increases many others, and Rajagopal insists on all kinds of problems. March 16, 2020

FAT option to protect tenants in case of COVID-19 violation. A health care professional examines the patient. In recent times, governments and local governments have taken unprecedented steps to protect their populations during the outbreak of Kovid-19. In a rapid transition, MPs and elected officials have proposed and implemented dozens of measures that provide temporary eviction insurance and guarantee running water for residents and public services.

And he warned that ‘the current sanctions are nearing completion in many countries, and this raises serious concerns that the tsunami could be dealt with evidence’, he said. “Governments should not allow people to lose their homes during this pandemic because they have lost their jobs and are unable to pay rent or loans.” He said donations are also important for the homeless to clean up camp towns or tents. Rajagopal said: “Eviction is a serious violation of human rights, as well as the right to adequate housing.” To protect ourselves and others, deporting people is even more important and will lead to serious human rights violations. “He warned that when people are homeless, they will defend themselves against COVID-19.” This will increase the risk of infection. “He said: “I urge all governments to comply with their human rights obligations and ensure that no one has an effective impact on COVID-19 under any circumstances.”

He said that excluded individuals, families or communities should support access to justice. He called on the authorities to follow evacuation instructions during the COVID-19 epidemic. Expert: Balakrishnan Rajagopal (USA) is the Special Rapporteur of the UN. Which holds the right to occupy an integral part of the right to an adequate living standard and, in that sense, the right to non-discrimination. He took office in May 2020. He is a Professor of Law and Development at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is the founder of the MIT Displacement Research and Action Network. He has conducted more than 20 years of research on social movements and the defense of human rights around the world, in particular land and property rights, waste and displacement. He holds a law degree from Madras University in India, a master’s degree in law from American University and an interdisciplinary doctorate from Harvard Law School. He was a human rights adviser to the World Commission of Ladies under the United Nations. High Commissioner for Human Rights in Cambodia. He has published numerous books and academic articles, including research reports on evictions, discipline, human rights, and housing.

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The Special Rapporteur is part of the Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council. Special Procedures, the largest group of independent experts in the United Nations human rights system, is a collective name for the Council’s independent fact – finding and monitoring mechanisms dealing with national or thematic issues around the world. Special procedure specialists work voluntarily. They are not UN employees and are not paid for their work. They are independent of any government or organization, and each has their own capabilities.

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Can the owner evict me?

First, the landlord must follow the appropriate procedure for evicting the tenant from the land. In practice these measures apply regardless of whether there is an epidemic. However, the government provided some eviction guarantees to the tenants during the closure of covid-19. If your home owner does not follow the procedure for eviction, you will commit a criminal offense, so it is best that both the employee and the criminal follow the right steps. General Chat Lounge just because we are scared of the coronary virus does not mean that the employer cannot ignore these steps, or that it is not your crime to be a fiction. Can be brought to them.

What is an illegal eviction?

The employer and the crime team were questioned. “What harassment is illegal? If you have it, it is usually tolerated illegally. It allows you to rent your property without prior notice and without a court order. Stop returning to the property by temporarily changing the key from the property. If you are concerned about the behavior of your landlord and believe that he is trying to evict you from your home without following the proper procedure, it is best to seek legal advice.

Can tenants be illegally evicted?

You may have read in the newspaper that NHS employees and other key employees are being forced to leave their homes because landlords are concerned that tenants’ contact with the general public increases the risk of tenants carrying Covid. -19. These landlords not only have a bad reputation, but they can also be illegally evicted. Although the landlord does not need a court order (unlike most tenants) to evict the tenant, the landlord must give you acceptable notice.

“Disclaimer: This is not legal advice. This is an information article only.”

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