Foreclosure Fraud


The crisis in housing has increased day by day and affected Nevada homeowners mainly hard. As a result, The Nevadans are seeking assistance and guidance from professional housing or financial counselors. There are also various corrupt groups and people that looking for chances to take advantage of innocent homeowners which are looking for help. Although there are a many authentic and legitimate sources are present in order to assist homeowners.

Mortgage fraud

Mortgage fraud states to an intentional and deliberate misstatement, misrepresentation, or omissions and error of information that depend upon by a sponsor or investor to fund,  insure a loan or purchase protected by the real property. The Mortgage fraud is sub-type of FIF -financial institution fraud is actually criminals policies which usually targets federally-insured financial institutions and traditional retail banks. Several Financial institution fraud techniques contains the customers’ accounts compromise or personal identifying information (PII); when about to recognize are stolen and the victims  are considered as both the financial institution and customers. This fraud is a lie that impacts on a bank’s decision in loan approval, agreements of various repayment terms or receive minimum a payoff payments. It is difficult to identify the exact Mortgage fraud percentage that how many properties are being abandoned by it. The fact proved that the incidence of mortgage fraud has reached widespread proportions. It is considered as one of the fastest growing financial crimes in the history of the United States.The housing market collapse is the main cause of mortgage fraud that are still investigated by FBI and other authorities. The mortgage fraud is actually a type of fraud used for housing crimes and it has been divided into further types:

  • “Fake Buyer” Fraud
  • Financial Income Fraud
  • Occupancy Fraud
  • Home Appraisal Fraud
  • MortgageForeclosure assistance and Scams  related to Debt Management
  • Predatory Loans

There are two diverse regions of mortgage fraud which are fraud for housing and fraud for profit

  • Profit Fraud:The person who committed this type of crime are mostly the insiders of organization or industry. They used their particular authority and knowledge in order to commit the fraud. It has been proved from the recent reports and investigations that most of these frauds are committed by company insiders that maybe some professionals involved in the industry, bank officers, loan initiators and brokers. This fraud is committed not for the housing but it is used for the profit of stealing cash and to misuse the debt lending process. The ratio of frauds for cash reasons are more that housing purpose so FBI emphasize more on the mortgage offering process to steal cash.

Housing Fraud:  This fraud type is usually shown by illegitimate actions that are taken by a debtor. These debtors are more motivated to maintain or attain house ownership. The mortgagor may misuse the income and represent it wrong and also misrepresent the information of asset on a loan.

The most Common Mortgage Fraud Schemes

  • Schemes for foreclosure rescue: foreclosure rescue schemeis a trick that points those people whose homes are facing potential foreclosure. There are different ways in which schemes of foreclosure rescue applied which may cause various types of harm to the house owners, but at the end conclusion of the owner being enforced of his home and losing money more than it gains from the frauds.
  • Loan modification schemes:It is alike to foreclosure rescue scams, these techniques comprise culprits claiming to assist homeowners who are negligent in their mortgage amounts. The scammers, always demand huge amounts for the house and discuss only unfavorable conditions for the clients, or sometimes they do not even negotiate at all. However, the homeowners eventually lose their homes.
  • Illegal property flipping:In this type, criminals falsely purchased the property at a very high rate, and after that they rapidly sold it out.
  • Equity skimming:The investor may use a false means to buy home , he creates false income documents, and false credit reports in order to obtain a mortgage loan in the straw buyer’s name.
  • Silent second:The buyer of a house lends the down payment from the seller through the issuance of a non-disclosed second mortgage. The main lender thinks that the borrower has invested his own money in the down payment. However, it is actually borrowed money.
  • Home equity conversion mortgage (HECM):A HECM Home equity conversion mortgage is a contrary mortgage loan thing which is insured by the Federal Housing Administration. It is policy for the people  who are 62 years or older to borrowers, own their own property (or have a small mortgage balance), occupy the property. It provides a lump sum payment to the homeowners in return of their homes,

Looking for Mortgage Analysis Services

Foreclosure Fraud

The process of buying a new home is a difficult, time-taken process. The both parties has to be complete a lot formalities of buyer, lender and seller all have particular agreements, disclosures, and documents that are legally binding. It must be fulfill to satisfy the requirements of state. This procedure is time consuming and leads to stress among both parties. In order to buy a house of several stages process is used, foreclosure technique has been introduced for legal policy and long financial transactions but it leads to the door open for crimes and frauds. In order to protect the house owners from scams, different techniques are used. It has become the utmost priority by the Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) to defend the homeowners from the scams.


 People are still to be kicked out of their homes every day in America just because of foreclosure fraud that provides false documents of the home.Few year before the investment in real estate was considered like a golden coupon. The prices of houses were available in low interest rates. It attracts more people to invest than ever to endeavor into home ownership. But the fact was where it seems very attracting and encouraging task, it has some cons that shows its negative side. In 2008, a huge quantity of house owners began missing mortgage amounts or leaving away from that houses because they couldn’t afford them. Unfortunately, the crisis in mortgage enforced several homeowners into foreclosure. Unfortunately, the crisis in mortgage enforced several homeowners into foreclosure.

Defending Homeowners from Scams

  • The Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ) has made it a priority to protect homeowners. They follow individuals and companies and who are involves in the modification of loan. The phony counseling offers or try to help from phones.
  • Offer several lease-to-own schemes in which a criminal claims to sell a house but tells you to provide all the amount at a tim

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