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More than 1000 foreclosures are filed monthly and more than 80% of the homeowners do not do anything to fight for their rights. Most homeowners do not know what to when a foreclosure is filed. Mortgage Audits Online provides you with an open foreclosure defense helpline.

Foreclosure Defense Assistance to Know Legal Rights

It is very frightening for home owner during the foreclosure. As a homeowner, one of the most essential thing is to know your legal rights that will help you come up with a proper plan.  The foreclosure defense may call for different results. Our foreclosure defense attorneys work to protect your rights and represent your interest and fight diligently to achieve the desired situation for your home.

Mortgage Audit Online attorneys will give you the guidance throughout the foreclosure process. This includes representing you in court and during the negotiation process. Depending on your circumstances, our law firm may be able to secure a loan modification for your mortgage. We have sufficient experience to undertake even the most complex situations and we understand the essence of a home to every client.

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If all else fails, an attorney can help you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If approved, you will have three to five years to get up to date on your payments and will be able to keep your home.

You should speak with an attorney regarding your foreclosure situation in order to determine your possible courses of action. A real estate lawyer can provide valuable legal information as well as representation in a court of law should a lawsuit become necessary. The foreclosure of your home may be stopped. It’s never too late. Get an initial consultation with Mortgage Audits Online and get experienced foreclosure attorneys. Our initial consultation is free and we offer flexible payment option for all our clients.

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For information on foreclosure defense call us at (877) 399 2995. We offer litigation document review support, mortgage audit reports, securitization audit reports, affidavit of expert witness notarized, and more.


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