European Bloomberg Property Securitization Audit Reports

The property market is one of the most tangible assets in most developed countries in the world, as translates to having large capital markets. In Europe, the securitization sector is still very young as the concept originated from the USA. Europe has however experienced a growth in the securitization sector. This growth can be attributed to;

  • The amendment of the legal and regulatory framework governing property securitization.
  • The acceptance of securitization in both the corporate and banking sectors.
  • Transparency of the property market.

Securitization creates a secondary market for illiquid assets as the assets are pooled and packaged for the market. Securitization also offers opportunities for issuers and investors to benefit from either reduced credit risks or increased access to the property markets. The aspect of securitization is different from one jurisdiction to the next across the European countries.

The process of securitization is also gaining popularity in Europe due to the fact that it allows for banks to free up some capital for further lending into the economy. Risks across financial sectors are also distributed as banks transfer some risks to other banks or to investors. This causes the potential problems that may arise in the banking sector as a result of access to finance to be less serious.

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The European market is also one of those markets that are listed in the Bloomberg terminal. This terminal is a system that allows investors to access real-time information on financial data of markets across the globe. The information that is derived from the Bloomberg terminal can be used to prepare audit reports. These audit reports show a record of the securitization process from the title chain to the process where they are sold to investors or given out as loans. These reports may be used to show a record of the illegalities that may have occurred in the securitization process. For a free consultation please go to

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