Difference between a bank owned and foreclosure

The foreclosure process is often emotional and time-consuming. A lender typically starts the foreclosure procedure as a means of protecting its interest in the property. When the lender s out of options of helping the homeowner, the banks usually try to regain the ownership of the property

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In 2010, different cases stemmed up of large banks using their employees to sign mortgage affidavits without reviewing them and had no basis of believing that the homeowners were in default or that that the lender owned the loan. Robo-signing affects both judicial and non-judicial foreclosures.It is a federal crime to sign someone’s name to a legal document, additionally it is a crime to sign your name to an affidavit if you have not verified the information you are swearing to.Currently robo-signing occur lesser than before but your case may be different. Consequently, your mortgage foreclosure documents could be faulty in one way of another. If you believe that your lender robo-signed your documents or there are some other faulty things with your documents, consider talking to an attorney about the case.

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