Certified Mortgage Securitization Audit Reports.

A mortgage can be described as a legal agreement where a bank lends money at an interest in exchange for making a title from the debtor. A mortgage is also known as secured collateral of a specified real estate property. Mortgages can be termed as liens or claims against property. Mortgages are used by both individuals and properties to make larger real estate purchases without paying for the entire purchase prices up front.

A mortgage securitization audit is a multipoint examination of loan documents that is performed to uncover lender overcharges caused by miscalculation of interests, monthly payments or the loan balance.

A mortgage audit can take almost two weeks to complete and after completion an audit report is produced .This report can be used in the court should a client want to follow up on any case of illegalities that may arise.

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The audit involves tracking the title to look for any illegalities.Theseillegalities may be in form of fraudulent foreclosures including also steps that are taken contrary to those outlined by the polling and servicing (PSA).The mortgage audits serve as quality controls for both internal purposes and external validation for publicly traded companies.

When the auditor is finished with the audit process,he/she prepares a detailed report showing the results of the audit review.The report is used to identify areas of weakness in the process of the handling or the mortgages.The report also contains recommended possible corrections of issues that may be discovered during the audit.

The mortgage securitization reports should be based on facts and documentation that may be fully admissible .The sources of documentation should be extremely credible and reliable and easily authenticated through public information. The reports should also be detailed and easy to understand for all parties involved

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