Certified Mortgage Loan Audits for court Use

A forensic loan audit otherwise known as a certified mortgage loan audit is performed to establish any misleading disclosures,excessive fees, and overstated values in the loan income or any document errors that may be discovered.

In most instances, after the audit is done an extensive report is produced that clearly describes any illegalities that may occur in the mortgage acquisition process.The report contains examination of loan documents and disclosures.

The reports that are to be used in courts should contain:

  • Loan recordings and any other financial reports.
  • Deed transfers and recordings
  • Promissory note assignees who are verified
  • Securitized trust verification
  • Pooling and servicing agreements
  • Trust prospectus
  • Details of bond performances
  • Loan reporting in securitized trusts
  • Client specific information among others
  • Robo signature trace of forgery and flaws in the foreclosure process.
  • Trace of endorsements
  • Qualifying ratios at origin
  • TILA AND RESPA violations
  • Profit margins of the securitizing parties
  • Length of time the full amount was recovered in relation to the original lien amortization.

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The mortgage loan audits will prove to the courts that the mortgage, while being acquired had some illegalities that the client was not made fully aware of before foreclosure. These illegalities may include signs of conflict of interest where the party used his/her influence for personal gain.

The other is any form of bribery that may have occurred where a party is offered money to influence a situation to be in their favor. Evidence of extortion may also be put to light. The court documents are usually used as defenses in case there is any wrongdoing.

In most instances, the mortgage loan audits are used as the last resort in the process of negotiating  with your creditors .The audits will arm you with the knowledge of any violations that have been committed hence may be instrumental in bringing the creditors to the negotiating table.

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