Certified forensic loan audit reports

A lot of people tend to borrow loans especially when they are facing hard financial times or if they want to start a project that will require more money than that which is at their disposal. When borrowing loans it is rare for most people to think about their security when making deals hence the need for forensic loan audits.

Forensic loan audit analyzes the terms and agreements for an existing loan while attempting to find any violations of federal laws. The regular issues that a borrower may face include;

  • Misrepresentation-A lender may make mistakes either intentionally or unintentionally causing the loan to be in breach of the contract.
  • Value fraud-the lender may have not revealed all the terms of the agreement to the borrower hence leaving them disadvantaged.
  • Fraud-There may be a potential omission of the value of the loan where the lender fails to fund or insure the loan.

A forensic loan audit is therefore necessary as it makes the borrower aware of the terms of the loan and the risks that are involved. This is important as it helps the borrower if he/she wants to file a case to be followed up in the courts.

A forensic loan audit report should contain information on whether the lender has violated any laws in servicing of a loan. The audit report contains information on the findings of a loan audit assessment or loan investigation.

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The report includes the outcome of the audit conducted and explanations for each finding. The audit report should contain

  • The findings of the investigation – when planning for an audit one needs to investigate to find out if any laws were violated.
  • A summary of the evidence collected-if there was any violation the report should be able to contain evidence of the violation.
  • An explanation of the audit findings.
  • Suggestions on the steps to take to avoid similar challenges when acquiring a loan.

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