Can you stop a foreclosure

Yes, you can stop a foreclosure. Receiving a foreclosure notice doesn’t mean you’ve lost your home, if you act quickly, you can still stop foreclosure on its track. There are variations in the number of days it takes from putting up foreclosure and auctioning the house, this varies with a different state. Finding out how many days or weeks your state permits will help you develop a good strategy to save your home.

You can go through the process on your own, but it will be better if you consult a lawyer for legal advice on how to go about the situation. Preferably a real estate lawyer, because they’re more aware of the state laws and processes, involve in foreclosure. You will increase your chances by doing this than going through it on your own.

Talking to friends or family who has gone through this process before can also help a lot. It can also save you time and resources if you inform people about your plans, the reason being that they must have tried a variety of options before. They will give you first hand prove on which method works best and can even assist you with the processes.

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The government also provided some counselling opportunity for free, that gives you the chance if discussing with experts on how to stop foreclosure. You can maximize this opportunity to both prevent and handle foreclosure. Check out where those sessions are held in your state and schedule an appointment.


Foreclosure can be stopped if you take necessary actions upon receiving a foreclosure notice, delaying to find help can cost you more than you imagine. If you want to save your home, you should take action now and consultant the necessary source for help to know how to go about it.

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