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HUD Tips to Homeowners who are unable to make mortgage payments, they should follow the following guidelines:

    1. Don’t ignore the problem: The longer you receive your loan, the longer you lose your home.
    2. Once you’ve got a problem, get in touch with your lenders
    3. Open and reply to all emails of your lender. The first few documents provide adequate information about the prevention of foreclosure solutions that can help you solve financial problems. Essential details of the pending legal proceedings may appear in subsequent emails. If correspondence with the foreclosure court is not opened, it is not an excuse.
    4. Find out what your hypothecary rights can do if you can’t pay and read your loan documents. Find out about foreclosure laws and deadlines in your country by contacting the housing authority of your state.

  1. Contact a non-profit housing consultant: HUD offers domestic free or very cheap housing advice. Housing consultants can help you understand the law and your decisions, monitor your finance, and advise you on speaking with your lender.
  2. Prioritizing your expenses: After taking care of your health, the first goal should be to get home. Measure your investment and see how your mortgage payments can be reduced. Seek additional cost reduction.

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  1. Use your money: Do you have assets for cash to replace your loan? Will someone get extra work to generate additional income in your home? Even if your excess money or income does not add much to these acts, it shows that your lender is willing to sacrifice for home keeping.
  2. Stop debt management companies: Several companies can reach you and arrange for a loan to be negotiated with your credit manager. Although they are law firms, they charge a massive fee for the information and services you can offer free of charge from your lender or a HUD authorized contractor. Interact with them. Contact them.
  3. Don’t lose your home to mortgage repossession fraud. Suppose an enterprise claims that it will automatically terminate your mortgage by signing an agreement stating that it is acting on your behalf. In that case, the company will sign and rent the title of its property from home. Never sign a legal document without all terms and conditions being read. Get advice from a trusted lawyer, HUD-approved immobilizer specialist.

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