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Securitization can be defined as the pooling of various types of debts that are contractual in nature. Such debts may include mortgages of both commercial and residential properties or auto loans and credit card debts. The pooled debts are then sold as bonds, Centralized Debt Obligations or pass –through securities, to third –party investors.

The pooling of securitized assets helps individual borrowers to mitigate the risks that may occur. These risks may either raise the costs of their loans or depress their income streams or place extra demands on their earnings or savings.

Bloomberg L.P is a financial software and data media company that allows users to search for real time data on fixed income securities. The search is conducted through a Bloomberg terminal which is a computer system that has real time global financial data, news feeds and messages that users can be able to access.

To begin using Bloomberg you first have to subscribe to the service by contacting the site on the number +1(212)318-2000. You will then be directed to a representative who will take down the details of the types of search that you want and help you along the process.

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You may also choose to do the search on your own. Here you will need to subscribe by first installing the Bloomberg software on your pc .You should note that Bloomberg is a very expensive system so should you choose to install the system on your own you should note this as one of the factors to consider.

Another   way you can access Bloomberg is by opting to use a public facility that has the Bloomberg terminal. Such facilities include large public libraries or universities but first you have to have access to these areas. The downside to this option is that you may not be able to customize your searches as many people access the platform. “For a free consultation please go to  .

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