Bloomberg securitization audit

A Bloomberg securitization audit is one that involves searching for information on the Bloomberg database to find out if a loan has been securitized. The audit involves finding out information on who owns the trust note and other related areas of ownership. The audit also involves establishing the pool that the loan belongs in.

Securitization audits include the records of loan transfers and the parties involved in the securitization procedure. Securitization can therefore be defined as the process of pooling various types of contractual debts or other assets and selling their related cash flows to the third party investors.

A securitization audit may  be done to identify if there are cases of, embezzlement, or any other financial crimes that may occur during the securitization of loans. The audit is a branch of accounting and is normally found in most accounting institutions as it requires an expert in the field of accounting and auditing procedures as well as knowledge of legal frameworks needed for such audits.

Bloomberg L.P. offers the auditors with real time data and information on the income securities market. This information is made available through the Bloomberg terminal which you first have to subscribe to in order to be able to access the information.

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Audits that are done using information from Bloomberg may be able to uncover the following information;

  • The location of the trust
  • The real lenders of the money
  • The stakeholders in the securitized loans
  • The name of the property that has been securitized
  • The other loans that are within the pool

The terminal may be accessed by either subscribing to the Bloomberg service ,and having representatives check out the information that you may require for you. You may also opt to download the Bloomberg application or use a public facility that has the Bloomberg terminal to access the information you need.

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