Bloomberg Securitization Audit with Notarized Affidavit

To notarize means to swear under oath that the facts contained in your affidavit are true Notarized affidavits are signed in front of a notary public who then signs on the affidavit and seals it. The process of notarizing a Bloomberg securitization audit begins with the securitization audit.

The audit is performed to find out if the processes of pooling the assets were done in a legal manner in accordance to the laws provided for the same. The stages that are involved in securitization are;

  • The identification stage
  • Transfer stage
  • Issue stage
  • Redemption stage
  • Credit rating stage

The process of securitization is important as it enables the lending institutions to have improved liquidity of their assets. Securitization is also important as the liquidity of the assets raises the earnings of the originator and also enables the institutions to get a better credit rating hence they are able to obtain funds at lower costs.

A Bloomberg search may help in obtaining information about the securitization process and the steps and parties involved. Most people prefer Bloomberg data as it is real time, fast and gives a huge scope of information that may be used when conducting the audit.

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The reason why notarizing of the affidavit is important is to ensure the person that is signing the documents is properly identified, it is also important to ensure that there is no coercion when signing documents and also to ensure that there is proper verification that the correct procedure has been carried out when signing the documents.

The notarized affidavits are mostly presented to the courts to show that the information that has been recorded is true. The Bloomberg securitization audits that are notarized are therefore ones that have been signed before a notary public to be true.

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