Bloomberg Securitization audit with Affidavit

Using the power of technology, Bloomberg connects decision makers from all over the world to accurate information on the financial markets. This information is important as it helps the decision makers to make fast and smart decisions.

The securitization audit reviews all the processes that were taken from the time the title was acquired. The aim of the audit is to find out if there were any illegalities in the securitization process. The process of securitization involves an agreement between the lender and borrower, the interest rate paid, collateral, and the loan maturity.

The obligation of the borrower is then converted into bonds and then sold and pledged to a trust along with a pool of other similar products. The benefit of securitization is reducing funding costs as a company may then maintain assets that are very high quality and borrow at lower rates.

A Bloomberg securitization audit is a review of the securitization of loans into portfolio loans or pools by using information from the Bloomberg terminal. The terminal contains real time information about the market data on fixed income securities from all over the world

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The affidavits that are produced contain time stamped Bloomberg screenshots to verify the information that has been collected to be true. The other affidavits that may be included in the securitization audits are those of the experts witnesses attached to the case. Other requirements of the audit include;

  • A robo-signing audit
  • Chain of title investigation
  • The pooling and service agreement
  • A full detailed report containing the information collected during the investigation
  • Client details(optional)

The Bloomberg screenshot time stamps are derived from searches that are conducted on the Bloomberg terminal .It is therefore necessary to have access to this platform to be able to have all the information that you  may need .For free consultation please go to

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