Bloomberg Securitization Audit Report

The Bloomberg terminal is widely used by auditors to check up the current market activities and market information from almost everywhere in the world. A securitization audit is on that is prepared by a third party researcher who finds evidence that shows if your loan was securitized or in other words pooled with other loans and sold to investors.

A securitization report is designed to include all the parties that are involved in the securitization chain. The Bloomberg securitization audit report is one where the investigation or audit performed is done through a search of information and data in the Bloomberg terminal.

When an auditor is finished with the audit process, they are required to prepare a detailed report showing the results of the audit review. This report will then be used to identify areas of weakness in the process of the handling or the securitization procedures .The report also contains recommended possible corrections of issues that may be discovered during the audit.

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The securitization audit reports should contain the following;

  • A full recording of the loan at the agencies involved.
  • Securitized trust verification this includes the name of the trust the loan number and the group it belongs to.
  • Details of the bond performance
  • Pooling and servicing agreement that governs the trust holding your note.
  • Full disclosures as per the UCC
  • Verification of assignees on the promissory note
  • A recording of the servicers of the securitization
  • A report of the loan performance in a securitized trust
  • Client information (this is included on request)

A Bloomberg securitization audit report if thorough as the evidence that has been collected during the investigation has been verified through a collection of data against records that contain real time market information. For free consultation on this please go to;

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