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A securitization audit is one that is conducted to find proof that your loan was pooled with other loans and sold to investors after being securitized .These audits are done by third party researchers who go through various publicly available resources to find proof of securitization. The process of auditing follows the chain of the title in an effort to find any actions that may indicate a deviation from the required steps outlined in the Pooling and Servicing Agreement (PSA).

Securitized assets are important as they can mitigate credit risks of individual borrowers. Since securitized debts are volatile, and change from time to time, the credit quality of these debts are not stationary. If the securitization transactions are structured, the credit risks of the pool improve but if the structures are not proper, there may be an increased loss and deterioration of the credit.

Securitization has both advantages and disadvantages. These affect the issuer and the investors. One of the advantages is that securitization reduces funding costs, due to the lessening of the roles of intermediaries. Securitization also enables investors to have more direct claims on loans and portfolios of receivables. Securitization also benefits institutions such as banks by increasing loan fees and origination hence improving their profitability.

For an audit to be described as efficient, thorough investigation of the securitized loan should be conducted. Since Bloomberg is a terminal with real –time data and analysis of financial markets across the world, it is the most efficient source of data collection for most auditors.

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For an audit to be regarded as being the best it should contain;

  • A list of all parties that have an interest in the securitization chain.
  • Full chain of the title along with the instrument numbers.
  • Special Purpose Vehicle searches along with the Pooling servicing Agreement and prospectus.
  • Evidences of ROBO signing.

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