Bankruptcy to stop foreclosure

Bankruptcy is a relief option seeks by house owners or entities who could no longer pay up their debts such as a mortgage. Once an automatic stay order is given by the court, such individuals or entities are given a period of time in which payment on debts is paused. The main benefit of filing for bankruptcy is to buy more time in order to gather resources to pay up on defaulted loans. More than that, bankruptcy can help you cancel some loans, depending on how you go about it.

How to maximize bankruptcy to stop foreclosure?

Once a foreclosure notice has been passed to you, there are a lot of options you can explore to save your house from being taken from you. However, if none of the options work and your house is about to be auctioned, filing for bankruptcy is another option you might want to try out. As stated earlier, it will buy you some time to work out other ways to save your house or better still pay upon the loan.

Looking for Mortgage Analysis Services

Not all state permits refinancing of debt after it’s defaulted for a long time, but filing for bankruptcy will definitely put a hold to the foreclosure proceedings. You might need to consult an attorney to know which option is best for you and how to maximize the time offered by the court.


Bankruptcy can definitely be the here that will save your house, make sure to research on how to go about it or better still hire a lawyer. You have a better chance of saving your house if you work with an attorney on a foreclosure. Consider a real estate lawyer for this situation as they are experts in state laws.

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