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A Mortgage Audit is an in-depth review of various loan documents and disclosures to disclose improper creditor payments caused by incorrect calculations of interest costs, monthly payments, repayments, or loan balances. Loan analyzes also show hidden, illegal, or excessive fees and violations of federal loan regulations, including TILA, RESPA, HOEPA, and robbery loans. Mortgage audits can benefit homeowners who are concerned about improper payments, miscalculations, or illegal fees, or who are being executed, or for whom loans are being modified.

Homeowners can use the audit results to get a refund from their lender for overpayments, miscalculations, or other violations of federal lending rules. It is important to emphasize that all types of mortgages can contain errors that can generate overheads. These include fixed and adjustable interest rates, mortgage loans, and reverse mortgage loans. A mortgage check is a quick and easy way for homeowners to be confident about the accuracy of their creditors’ calculations and can help them win the case and get a creditor’s refund for any overhead. The owner will receive the detailed inspection report and will know immediately if he has been overpaid.

False “rescue staff” due to the negative use of half-truths and sincere lies to sell services that provide comfort to homeowners in need. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the state agency for consumer protection, the latest fraud savings for villains to exploit financial owners are forensic audits of mortgage loans. In exchange for a few hundred dollars, so-called forensic loan auditors, mortgage loan auditors, or legal aid-backed audit staff backed by forensic attorneys check your mortgage loan documents to determine if your lender has violated state and federal law. “Auditors” say you can use the audit report as unfavorable, speed up the loan renewal process, reduce the loan amount, or even cancel the loan. Nothing can be further from the truth. According to the FTC and its law enforcement partners: Although forensic credit investigations are conducted by a qualified, legal, and trained expert, mortgage specialist, or attorney, there is no evidence that a credit change or any other enforcement relief will help you.
Some federal laws allow a lender to sue for errors in credit documents. But even if you make a claim and win, the lender does not have to change the loan just to make your payments more accessible. If you cancel the loan, you will have to repay the loan, which can result in the loss of your home. If you are in a mortgage bankruptcy or facing a default, you may be targeted for foreclosure fraud. The FTC wants you to know how to recognize and report control signs. If you are against the closure, the FTC says there are legitimate options to help you get rid of your home.

HUD options

If you want to do a mortgage review to negotiate better payment terms with the lender, a consultant approved by the Federal Housing and Urban Development Agency can provide information to help you avoid foreclosure. The HUD representative can determine if you qualify for reduced monthly payments based on homeowner stability and access plans. The foreclosure prevention consultation is free and provides the same information as for-profit organizations or auditors.

Taken to court

Mortgage audit advocates say that most mortgages have some legal flaws that allow homeowners to get higher loan interest rates. However, in 2012, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan stated, “the audit can never be used to negotiate a lower interest rate with your creditor.” Despite many errors found in the mortgage, but the only solution for homeowners who would like to go through the formal process, Legal procedures required to require the lender to take responsibility are in the judiciary, which can be costly.

Federal warning

The Federal Trade Commission warns about the use of private legal mortgage lenders to allow regular audits. The cost of a mortgage loan audit will pay you about $ 200 to $ 300. Your mortgage will be reviewed for about one to two weeks. If the auditor finds that the creditor has not complied with the Mortgage Loan Act, you will be notified, according to the FTC, that the report will help you reduce your mortgage loan, prevent cancellation, change your mortgage or cancel your loan.

Looking for Mortgage Analysis Services


According to the FTC, ‘professional shielding’ rescue workers’ use half the truth and lie directly in selling services that promise relief to those who have a hard country.’ Madigan calls the mortgage loan verification a kind of “mortgage relief fraud”. If you are looking for someone to review your mortgage for a mistake in the hope that you may get a lower payment or even cancel your loan, you need to beware of fraud. Madigan recommends using HUD representatives. A trusted attorney, preferably experienced in home and mortgage sales, can also help. Even if you find an error in your mortgage document, you must still file a case against the creditor to guarantee the cure.

Beware of fraud

If you need help preventing Hajj, avoid the following:

  • Guarantee to stop the adoption process – no matter your circumstances
  • instructs you not to contact your credit lender, lawyer, or credit or real estate advisor
  • you accept payment before any service; you only accept payment by check or transfer wallet
  • You are encouraged to rent your home so you can get it at the right time
  • you are encouraged to give your credit directly to the lender instead of lending it
  • you are encouraged to submit your title to the property
  • ready to buy your home for money at a fair price in the real estate market
  • Compulsions to sign documents that have not been read throughout or that you do not understand.

Seek legal help

Experts at home say that if you are behind your mortgage, communicating with your mortgage is your most important thing. If you are unable to repay the loan or receive a foreclosure notice, please contact your lender or lender. You can negotiate a new payment schedule.

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