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Australia has one of the world’s most active and developed securitized property market. This market has been increasing rapidly since the beginning of the securitization phenomenon in the 90s .The most common type of securitization is the mortgage- backed security where a collection of inter-related bonds are pooled in the same category and sold .

The securitization process involves the pooling of resources with similar characteristics in accordance to the pooling laws that have been put in place.  A securitization audit reviews all the processes that were taken from the time the title was acquired. The aim of the audit is to find out if there were any illegalities in the securitization process. The process of securitization involves an agreement between the lender and borrower, the interest rate paid, collateral, and the loan maturity.

The benefits of property securitization include;

  • Increased efficiency as the lender is allowed to issue low cost debt ratings
  • Securitization reduced and transfers asset related risks
  • Securitization offers liquidity and risk sharing opportunity to lower the burden of risks to the lender.
  • It also increases diversification for investors.

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Bloomberg terminal uses the power of technology to connect decision makers from all over the world to accurate information on the financial markets. This information is important for the fast and smart decisions on the financial market.

Property securitization audits that are done help to identify issues in the process .This helps to reduce any liabilities that the property investors may face. Bloomberg searches are conducted to furnish the auditors with adequate and real time information on the property market.

A conclusive report follows after the investigation. The report should be clear and precise pointing out the type or error that has occurred in the process of securitizing the property and the adjustments that may be made to ensure that these errors are corrected. For a free consultation please go to

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